To spread the Japanese traditional Western food culture from Kyoto to the world…
“Beef Stew of Kyoto Western-style restaurant”a retort food developed jointly with a farmer in Kyoto.

“Beef Stew of Kyoto Western-style restaurant”
a retort food developed jointly
with a farmer in Kyoto.
レトルト食品「京都 洋食屋さんのビーフシチュー」 Shop Online. How to eat.
  • 湯煎の場合

    For boiling water

    Heat the bag in boiling water for about 5 minutes without removing the seal.

  • 電子レンジの場合

    For a microwave oven

    Transfer to a heat proof container, cover with plastic wrap, and heat in a microwave oven for about 2 minutes (at 500 watts).

Easy arranged recipe

  • 具沢山ビーフシチュー


    Beef stew with a lot of ingredients

    Add boiled and butter-sautéed vegetables to hot beef stew, and the sweetness of the vegetables goes well with the stew.

  • オムハヤシ



    After making an omelet, simply pour hot beef stew over it to make a hearty dish.

  • ハヤシライス



    Sauté mushrooms and sliced onions in butter, then add a teaspoon of ketchup to heat through. Then transfer to a hand pan, add the stew and let it simmer lightly for a moment, and serve it over rice as Hayashi Rice.

Product Story
  1. STORY01

    thoughts of Nakajima Farm and Grill Ninjin


    Nakajima Farm in Fushimi, Kyoto, proposed to us the key ingredients to create a product that would spread the traditional Western food culture of Japan. In the process of discussing with Nakajima Farm to create a better product, I learned about the thoughts of the farmers that I did not know. All for the sake of a delicious beef stew, we had many discussions and selected ingredients that satisfied both the farmers and the Western-style restaurant.

    Right in the photo:President Nakajima of Nakajima Farm
  2. STORY02

    face-to-face negotiations with manufacturing factory

    face-to-face negotiations with manufacturing factory

    Based on the beef stew recipe that we have been improving, we had various discussions with the president of a food manufacturing company, Mr. Okumura, about the product. We tasted the product many times and sometimes re-made samples until we were satisfied with the product. This is how we were able to create "Kyoto Western-style beef stew" that can be enjoyed by people around the world.

    Left in the photo:President Okumura Right in the photo:President Nakajima
  3. STORY03

    Design of Product Package

    商品パッケージ会社の日本紙工様と京都芸術デザイン専門学校 コミックイラストコースの留学生達とグリルにんじんがコラボ

    This is how our beef stew was made, but the packaging is what matters when it is actually sold in stores. No matter how delicious it is, it is meaningless if customers do not hold it in their hands. In order to create the package, the product packaging company Nihon Shiko, international students from the Comic Illustration Course at Kyoto Institute of Design, and Grill Ninjin collaborated with industry and academia. We collaborated with creators from the design process in order to further reflect the background and thoughts that led to the creation of this product.


    The homeroom teachers and students actually came to the restaurant and ate together, and I sometimes participated in their classes. While talking directly with the students about "How can I get people to choose this product as a souvenir of Kyoto?” and “How is Japanese Western food culture seen from overseas? “, we were able to create a souvenir package with an impressive maiko (apprentice geisha) image of Kyoto that foreign tourists, mainly from Asia, would be happy to receive. On the back of the package, there is a text that tells foreign visitors in English what Western food is.

    In order to continue our business in 2021 with the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed a new product, tongue stew, through crowdfunding. In addition, the "Grill Ninjin Beef Stew" collaborated with the "Kyoto Painter Unit Daruma Shoten" to create a new package. Kyoto painter unit Daruma Shoten is a duo consisting of painter Satoshi Anzai and director Naoya Shima. Their paintings are displayed in famous temples and shrines in Kyoto, including Rikudoshinji Temple, Myoshinji Temple, and Zuishinin Temple. This "Gokushiki Kumano Kodo Mandala" won the top prize in the competition, which was held for commemorating the registration of the sacred sites and pilgrimage routes in the Kii Mountain Range as a World Heritage Site. "Gokushiki Kumano Kodo Mandala", which won the top prize in the competition held for commemorating the registration as a World Heritage Site. Here is the package design by Daruma Shoten. On the plate is a stew that looks like Kyoto's symbol, Mount Daimonji. At the foot of the mountain is a triangular-roofed Grill Ninjin store. On the maiko's obi is a carrot. It is a wonderful design with a Daruma Shoten’s sense of humor. Please enjoy the design of the package as well as the flavor of the dish. レトルト食品「京都 洋食屋さんのビーフシチュー」 Shop Online.
Frequently asked questions
  1. Question01

    How long is the expiration date?

    Eat it within 1 year from the production date.

  2. Question02

    Why did you develop this product?

    The purpose of this project is to spread the Japanese traditional Western food culture from Kyoto to the world, to increase the recognition of Western food restaurants, which are not well known by people overseas, and to establish the category of Western food in the world and enhance the Western food culture!

  3. Question03

    Can you deliver it to a private home?

    We have an online payment system, so if you wish, please contact us and mention that you wish to purchase retort food. ※The postage is the responsibility of the customer.

  4. Question04

    Are there other original products?

    We managed to supervise our first original product, and we are now in the planning and development stage in response to requests from our clients' stores.

  5. Question05

    I want to collaborate with Kyoto Western food restaurant Grill Ninjin and make a product….

    If there is anything we can do to increase the value of Western food culture, we are eager to do it!

Thoughts for the Product
  • カウンター
  • キッチン
  • 「京都 洋食屋さんのビーフシチュー」

Many aspiring chefs start out in French or Italian restaurants or Japanese restaurants, while Western-style restaurants fall into the other category. For many foreigners who come to Kyoto, Western cuisine is not very well known. The "traditional Japanese Western food" that has developed in Japan is designed to go well with rice, not bread. For this reason, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, sake, miso, etc. are used as seasonings for sauces.

In other words, Western food is a uniquely Japanese category that has evolved by incorporating Western cuisine into the Japanese diet. For this reason, we offer a variety of teishoku, a set meal that includes a main course, rice, and pork miso soup, which is very familiar to Japanese people.

Because I grew up eating Western-style food at "Grill Ninjin", a Western-style restaurant in Kyoto, I created "Kyoto Western-style Beef Stew" in the hope that people would understand the cultural value of "traditional Japanese Western-style food", which is considered less important than French, Italian, and Japanese food.

In 2019.
I made 1,700 units of this product for the first time. I didn't know how to sell it, but I ran around left and right every day, doing door-to-door sales during lunch and dinner hours, and participating in business meetings after hearing about them from the bank. Now, thankfully, the number of our business partners is increasing. I hope that by delivering these products to more and more customers throughout Japan and abroad, we can take the first step in spreading the traditional Japanese Western food culture from Kyoto to the rest of the world.

※According to the Japan Western Food Association, Western food is defined as "Western cuisine that has evolved uniquely in Japan and is served with rice.”
Supervised by Grill Ninjin



My parents opened the Grill Ninjin when I was born, and it has been 40 years this year. It has been more than 10 years since I took over the family business. On site, my father, the founder of the restaurant, is also on the front line, serving food to our customers. Despite the fact that our restaurant is located in a residential area far from the center of Kyoto, we have recently been attracting a lot of customers because of our website and SNS.

President, Grill Ninjin Co. Taiji Kondo
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