We've been always serving unchangeable taste o customers
Since 1978, Grill Ninjin Restaurant has been serving JapaneseWestern-style meals.

Since 1978, Grill Ninjin Restaurant has been serving JapaneseWestern-style meals.

The first owner chef, who is currently cooking in our kitchen, dedicated himself to campus activism and worked for his friend Italian restaurant when he was a college student After he graduated from university, he had worked for 6 years for a famous Japanese Western-style restaurant of long standing in Kyoto.
In 1978, when he was the age of thirty, his father leased a new place to him near Kyoto station, and he opened a new restaurant Grill Ninjin.
Many Manual worker were around there, so we wanted to serve a great deal of delicious Japanese Western-style meals at the reasonable price and quick, and wanted them to enjoy everyday.
It was a kind of remarkable that Tonjiru (miso soup w/pork and vegetables) was at the side of lunch.We worked on developing the menu considering a well-balanced diet day and night.
Many customers came in, so we could send very busy days.
After 6 years passed, we bought a new place and moved to Kitashirakawa Sakyo-ku, northeast area of Kyoto because we liked quieter place to pursue more satisfied dishes.
Over 30 years passed after we moved to current place.

Renewed Grill Ninjin in summer, 2014. Wine shop is set up.

Renewed Grill Ninjin in summer, 2014. Wine shop is set up.

On December 9th in 2013, Our business plan, which is "restaurant of long standing start a new business of wine shop", was adopted by the Small and Medium Enterprises Agency for a grant of a new business promotion.

2nd owner chef who is a son of 1st one is also a sommelier, he offers the best match of a wine and a dish.
If you had enough of Japanese food and miss your hometown taste or just want to be full of delicious food, please come to our restaurant.
It's near Shisendo (5minute walk) and Ginkakuji temple (8 minute ride of bus).

Full care of Grill Ninjin

Enjoy casually for dishes having fresh fish and meat and vegetables selected through severe judgment.
Full care of Grill Ninjin

Since we started our business, we have been sticking to some points.
That is again,we want to serve a good deal of delicious food at the reasonable price and don't let you wait for a long time, and want you to enjoy like everyday.
Fresh fish and meat and vegetables are selected through severe judgment.
We don't cook them too much not to vanish the good taste.
So our oven was specially ordered and we take time to cook in the weak to medium oven with special care.
We also spend time and a special effort on making sauce for dishes and dressing for hours d'oeuvre and salad.
It takes 3 days to make our demi-glace (type of brown sauce) that has never changed since 1978.
It is espagnole sauce that is the basis of sauce-making in classic French cooking.We have 5 kinds of dressing including mayonnaise type and olive oil type, so we can select the best dressing match.
Oil used for fry is rice oil, which is so fresh that we are able to use it for dressing.
We care about customers' health.
It's been over 40 years since I set step in the world of cook.
I'm so glad if more people would come to my place and enjoy our dishes.
(Yoshiteru Kondo / Taiji Kondo)



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