※All prices shown are inclusive of tax.


■Appetizer, Today`s recommendation

Appetizer, Today`s recommendation various appetizer w/seasonal food.  Please check the blackboard on the wall or ask the waiter.
  1. Crab SaladCrab Salad \950fresh crab that marinated in olive oil is with fresh seasonal vegetables and originalmade dressing.
    this is a popular appetizer.
  2. Marinated SalmonMarinated Salmon \900fresh salmon that marinated in olive oil is with fresh seasonal vegitables and originalmadedressing.
    this is a popular appetizer.
  3. Mochi Pork SteakMochi Pork Steak \1,380This is the best way for mochi Pork it`s cooked with butter and soy sause.
    It`s simple but you can`t miss it.

■Meat Dish ※w/salad

  1. Hamburg SteakHamburg Steak \1,580It`s baked in the oven on a low heat gradually.
    It comes with demi-glace (type of brown sauce).
  2. Beef Tongue StewBeef Tongue Stew \2,290it`s stewed for long time but texture and enjoy our splendid sauce.
  3. Beef StewBeef Stew \2,290Selected Japanese beef brishotiis used for
    this special dish.
    you can also enjoy our splendid sauce.
  4. Baked veal w/CheeseBaked veal w/Cheese \1,910Veal cutlets is baked in the oven last and
    special curry sauce is put on
  5. Pork CutletPork Cutlet \1,420Selected pork are deep-fried in rice oil which is so fresh that we are able to use it for dressing.
    it`s simple but has deep taste.
  6. Bakede chicken w/cheese FlavorBakede chicken w/cheese Flavor \1,360Chicken thigh on the bone is roasted on a lowheat in the oven. It`s going great with wine.

■Seafood Cuisine ※w/salad

  1. Fried ShrimpFried Shrimp \1,590Delicious shrimps are deep-fried in rice oil which is so fresh that we are able to use it for dressing.
    Dip it into special made tartar sauce on the side.
  2. Sauteed Fish with white fleshSauteed Fish with white flesh \1,500This dish features the choicest fish, simply prepared by sauteeing in a fry pan and then baking in an oven.
    It is served with a special tartar sauce.
  3. Shrimp and Scallop in White SauceShrimp and Scallop in White Sauce \1,620Delicious shrimps and scallops are stewed in sauce made from fresh cream.A bream broth is also added to give an extra depth.
    You can also enjoy it as a soup.

■Gratin, Croquette, Rice Meil

  1. Macaroni au gratin with shrimpMacaroni au gratin with shrimp \1,310Butter Sautéed shrimps are added into original white sauce and it baked in the oven.
    The surface is burned to a crisp, but
    the inside is creamy.
    Both adults and children would like it.
  2. Crab CroquetteCrab Croquette \1,420Raw snow crab with plenty of sauce bechamel made by our special recipe is fried in healthy oil.
  3. Beef RiceBeef Rice \1,040Fried rice with chopped beef and onion and mushroom is seasoned with soy sauce.
    It`s simple but has deep taste.


Onion Gratin SoupOnion Gratin Soup \730The sliced onions are cooked
until golden brown
And they are added into chicken broth.
Plenty cheese are put on the top and
it`s baked in the oven.
  • Ton Soup(miso soup w/pork and vegitables)\270
  • Potage Soup\580
  • Salad(Japanese Style or Flavor of Olives)\770
  • Ice Crem\450
  • Fruit+Ice Cream\660

Lunch・Set menu・Course menu

  1. Today`s special lunchToday`s special lunch \1,600※w/Ton soup (miso soup w/pork and vegitables), salad, rice
    Ex.) Roast pork (it`s in the picture)
    Pork Picnic Shoulder is roasted in the oven for about two hours.
  2. Steak setSteak set \1,680※w/Ton soup (miso soup w/pork and vegitables), salad, rice
■Course menu \4,510
appetizer (5 various fresh seafood) /soup/seafood cuisine/meat dish/bread or rice/coffee or ice cream
■Small course menu \2,800 ※weekday only
appetizer (4 various fresh seafood) /meat dish or seafood cuisine /bread or rice /coffee or ice cream



  • Beer(KIRIN)\600
  • A Glass of Beer\450
  • Bottled Beer(KIRIN/YEBISU)\700
  • Small Bottled Beer\500
  • Cider(100% Apple sparkling liquor)\540
  • Lemon Sour\540
  • Whisky and Soda\500
  • Non-Alcohol Beer\500


  • Original Coffee\440
  • Tea(with lemon,miik or black)\440
  • Oolong tea\240
  • Orange Juice\420
  • Ginger ale\420


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